How To Get Diamonds and Coins in Fishdom Game – No Hack No Cheats

no fishdom hack

Fishdom- Enjoy the Fishdom underwater and care for fish

If you have never been underwater in Fishdom, this game will give you the opportunity to dive into the water and decorate aquariums. Fishdom is a puzzle game developed by Playrix games which have match-3 gameplay with lots of fun.

In this article will will talk about the ways you can get free coins and diamonds in this game. But we will not talk about fishdom hack for android and iOS. Because hacking is illegal and we do not promote any hack or cheats related stuff.

You should be careful about those sites who promise to give you free fishdom diamond and coins. Never trust those sites at all.

About the Fishdom Hack – Is It Real?

Participate in match-3 funny gameplay that comprises of superb puzzle gameplay as you continue decorating aquariums to build homes for sweet talking fish. You can enjoy playing with them, feeding them and observe them while they talk to each other.

This underwater adventure can be hilarious for you to play with your friends. So, dive into the water and enjoy. Once again don’t use any fishdom hack or fishdom cheats tool.

Features of this game

  • Unique gameplay with swap and matching pieces, decorate and design aquariums, care for the fish, play, feed with them.
  • Participate in a plenty of fun yet challenging match-3 levels.
  • Be competitive and play with others to build your aquarium faster.
  • Discover the amazing aquatic world underwater with attractive 3D fish as they talk. Each of those fish has their unique avatar.
  • Revive fish tanks via mind blowing décor underwater.
  • Collect your scuba mask to experience the amazing graphics in aquarium.
  • Internet connection not required to play this game.

Time limits

The game has a bar that displays the time and you need to clear the available board before the time gets over. You can also pause the game if you wish to and you will see underwater scene without running out of time.

Power ups

You can get a range of power ups when you get successful in matching five and above tiles simultaneously. Firecrackers available in the game have the ability to destroy almost everything that comes within the radius of 1 tile.

Depth bombs

You can obtain depth bombs by matching minimum 6 tiles and destroy everything that comes within radius of 2 tiles. The lightening bonus is the strongest power up which can be obtained by utilizing 7 explosives on a particular game level.

At every level you earn cash reward. Apart from collecting cash for gathering tiles, you also earn time bonus which depends on how fast you cross a level and a score bonus is based on the count of matches made. You may like fifa 18 guides.

After you earn cash, you can shop around. You can buy interesting designs to decorate your own aquarium. You can use fish tab to select from a wide variety of aquatic features like seahorses, exotic fish whereas beauty tab comprises of decorative stuff like sculptures, seashells and plants. Use the comfort tab to provide cosy environment to your fish like lights, heater and filters. 


Fishdom is a well presented game which is quite simple to learn and play. You may feel that the levels are less challenging compared to some other similar games, still it is a sweet and non-competitive game that almost everyone enjoys playing. If you love the aquatic world and those cute water creatures, the game is certainly for you.

In the end my suggestion would be play hard to receive free resources or bonus and never use fishdom hack android or fishdom cheats ios tool.